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Aromatherapy has been described as the practice and utilization of natural oils that have been extracted from flowers, leaves, and roots with the purpose of encouraging relaxation.  

Through the  application and absorption of  essential oils on the skin, aromatherapy can prove beneficial in a multitude of ways: relaxation, the release of stress, a boost of mood, and an overall calming effect over the body. 

Incorporating aromatherapy into your massage can be an amazing experience, with the oils of your choice used throughout the entire session! These oils can have a lasting effect and continue to work for days after your massage.

Choose from the following, or customize your own from our selection!

  •  Ground & Balance: Rosemary & Orange
  •  Energize & Uplift: Lemongrass & Rosemary
  •  Soothe & Relax: Lavender & Peppermint
  •  Focus & Find Clarity: Cedarwood & Orange

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