Our Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist, specializes in Intuitive Eating, which is her passion. She is the anti-diet dietitian! 

If diets haven't worked for you in the past, and you're looking to improve your relationship with food and your body, the 10 week Intuitive Eating program would be perfect for you. 

The Intuitive Eating Program & Workbook will help clients achieve a wide variety of health and wellness goals:

Lake Norman Counselors

Intuitive Eating

  • Learning:  
    • To Say No to Diets
    • To Honor Health through Gentle Nutrition
    • To Make Peace with Your Body & Food
    • To Honor Your Hunger
    • To Challenge the Food Police
    • To Find Joyful Movement
  • Decreasing:
    • Poor Body Image
    • Emotional Eating & Binging
    • Judgement of Self and Others
    • Viewing Exercise as Punishment
    • Focus on Food Obsessions
  • Healing:
    • The Mind, Body Connections
    • From Unhealthy Body Expectations
    • From Unrealistic Standards or Ideals​Understanding
  • Understanding:
    • Health Comes at Every Size and Shape  
    • That All Foods Fit into a Healthy Lifestyle 
    • That Food is a Part of Life Meant to be Enjoyed